Core Courses

Course No. Title Credit Hours
 ENGY200  Introduction to Energy 3.0
 EBGN330  Energy Economics  3.0
or HASS491
or HASS492
Energy and Society*
Energy Politics
Energy & Security Policy

*Any of HASS 409, 491, or 492 can serve as the policy capstone course.




The final 9 credit hours can be selected from the following list:

If a student identifies an energy focused class that they think should qualify for the Minor but is not approved here, they should contact their advisor who can suggest to Dr. Hancock that the course be included in the electives. Classes must meet two criteria: (1) appropriate for non-majors (as well as majors) as evidenced by no more than two pre-reqs, including pre-reqs to the pre-reqs; and (2) have a strong focus on energy issues (~50+% of content).

Course No. Title Credit Hours
Social Sciences and Law
EBGN 310 Environmental and Resource Economics 3.0
EBGN 340 Energy and Environmental Policy 3.0
HASS 419 Environmental Communication 3.0
HASS 464 Environmental Law and Sustainability 3.0
All Energy Sources
CBEN469/MTCH469/MEGN 469 Fuel Cell Science and Technology 3.0
CBEN 472 Introduction to Energy Technologies 3.0
EENG 389 Fundamentals of Electric Machinery 4.0
EENG 481 Analysis and Design of Advanced Energy Systems 3.0
EENG 489 Computational Methods in Energy Systems and Power Electronics 3.0
ENGY 497 Summer Programs 1-6
ENGY 498 Special Topics 1-6
GEOL 315 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 3.0
Nuclear Energy
ENGY 340 Nuclear Energy 3.0
NUGN 506 Nuclear Fuel Cycle 3.0
NUGN 510 Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics 3.0
Sustainable Energy
ENGY 320 Intro to Renewable Energy 3.0
ENGY 350 Geothermal Energy 3.0
CEEN 477 Sustainable Engineering Design 3.0
CHGN 311 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3.0
EENG 390 Energy, Electricity, Renwable Energy, and Electric Power Grid 3.0
EENG 589 Design and Control of Wind Energy Systems 3.0
PHGN 419 Principles of Solar Energy Systems 3.0
Fossil Fuels
PEGN 102 Introduction to Petroleum Industry 3.0
ENGY 310 Intro to Fossil Energy 3.0
CBEN 480 Natural Gas Hydrates 3.0
MNGN 438 Geostatics 3.0
PEGN 251 Fluid Mechanics 3.0
PEGN 305 Computational Methods in Petroleum Engineering 3.0
PEGN 308 Reservoir Rock Properties 3.0
PEGN 450 Energy Engineering 3.0
ENGY XXX Additional courses with energy content may be approved by the director or co-director of the energy minor