How to Apply/Declare


The Energy Minor and ASI programs are available to any full-time undergraduate student enrolled at the Colorado School of Mines. Students interested in pursuing an Energy Minor or ASI and want to know more about the value of the program should contact one of the directors or talk with their academic advisor.

In order to complete all requirements on a timely basis, Energy Minor students should enroll during the sophomore year and register for ENGY200, Introduction to Energy.  Many of the courses are designed to have minimal pre-requisites and can even be taken by freshman students with transfer credits.  

It is important to note that all forms should be completed and submitted at least one semester before graduation. The following steps to offically declare the Energy Minor or ASI are listed below. 

  1. Complete the Minor or ASI Designation Form.  
  2. Obtain your advisor’s signature. 
  3. Forward to one of the Energy Minor Directors listed below: 

                          Dr. Kathleen Hancock: 

                          Dr. Tim Ohno: